Who is the Best Free VPN Provider in India?

While Indian jurisdiction doesn’t deny access to anything on the web, your Internet Service Provider might be still somehow clever enough to block certain website; or if the company is throttling your speed, you are probably thinking about opting for a VPN service. There are many free VPN aps for Android devices, but if you want to use a service on your desktop, things are a little bit different. So now, let’s talk about what is the best VPN India has to offer.
The first thing you need to do is to go to the VPNBook – this is not a straightaway service, but still all tutorials are there on the website to help you use their service. But note that torrents are not supported and the company keeps the logs of your activity. Then you have IbVPN, it is a paid app, with great speeds and security, and it has a free trial. The catch? The trial period lasts six hours, so if you want to use it, you have to register with a different email every six hours. Finally, we have the OkayFreedom. which is probably the best free vpn india, but it is exclusive for desktop Windows OS. It is a trusted service, supports torrents and you can even avail the 2.5 BG service; however, it is ad-supported, so be prepared to watch a lot of promotional material.

Handling a paid VPN may be a problem to some people, seeing how a large number of providers don’t accept all debt cards, and some even wanted to be paid in Bitcoins. The last thing we should mention is to read the user reviews always. You see, in most cases, companies like exaggerate about their functions in their promotional material, or sometimes, they straight-up lie. Therefore, make sure to visit a couple of forums, or Q&A sites and ask around about some more prominent providers, before you make your final choice and start browsing the web.

A Roundup Of The Best Website Builders In 2016

Best Website Builders In 2016

Whether you are building a website for personal or business use, you should know that there’s never been a better time to build websites.With so many website builders out there, you can build a professional-looking website in no time at all.But just like anything else, not all of these websites builders are created alike, and there are those that are really better than others.

In this article, we are going to give you a roundup on the best website builders for this year, 2016. Before that, however, why do you need to build a website when you have Facebook and Tumblr that you can use to create a presence online?

You need to build a website because a dedicated website with your brand on it will make you look more authoritative and reliable than the companies that are only limited to Facebook and Tumblr in their online presence. Another reason for building a website are the design choices. You can design a website that reflects your branding.

Out of the many website builders out there, the one that PCMag.com ranks the best are Wix, Weebly, GoDaddy, DudaOne, Squarespace, Jimdo, Webs.com, Strikingly and Yola. The magazine considers them the best for several reasons. One is that their templates are well-design. Two is that the websites are mobile-responsive. Three is that you do not need to have extensive technical knowledge in order to build your website.

Of course, these website builders do not come in for free. As with anything in life, you only get what you pay for. However, you do not need to worry because using them is not expensive at all. You can use Wix for less than $5 per month for a website that features Wix ads.

The key to getting the most of these website builders is to choose a template based on the categories they give you. Customize and brand the design by uploading your logo. If you do not have one yet, have a professional designer make one for you.

However easy is it to build a website with a website builder? It is very, very easy because you only need to drag and drop elements and arrange them. Also, unlike WordPress, you do not need to install plugins to enhance their functionality. You can find social media shares right on the templates. And unlike WordPress, your website will not look generic.

The Builders You Need for Your Business Website

Need for Your Business Website

You see it everywhere on the World Wide Web; websites are like the physical stores of the internet industry. Everything you need to know from a certain company with its products or services is easily accessed through these websites. If you have a business of your own and you desire for more recognition and to proffer your services and goods to prospect clients all over the globe, then you have to get your business website built! This is not a drill ladies and gentlemen. If you are serious about achieving your goals through your business career, then you should do this, in order for your commerce opportunities to be in the black and flourish!

First thing, are you knowledgeable in the field of IT and all its key features? Or, are you willing to learn with some DIY videos available on the internet today? You can actually build your website from scratch, however, you are going to dedicate a lot of your time in reading and understanding the codes and the instructions on how to do it on your own. Trying it can be beneficial on your part as you will be able to understand the real essence of the website for your business and how to use it as effectively as possible. However, if you are straightforward with yourself and you are honest enough to admit your skills are lacking and you do not have the ample time, why not hire professionals instead?

Yes, there are website builders who are more than happy and willing to be of assistance to your every need. Their advanced technological awareness and skills are worth employing and paying for. Furthermore, they are going to handle all the types of services to ensure that your business website is seen throughout the internet and reach your prospect customers.

How To Choose The Best Site Builder

Best Site Builder

The art of creating websites have evolved rapidly over the past few years. A lot of tools are now available to create different approaches for designing, managing websites and publishing. Designing and publishing websites have now become easier than before mainly due to the countless numbers of site builder platforms. These site builders offer a range of ready to use templates and huge numbers of themes that you could choose from that require no coding of whatsoever. If you are new to creating your own websites, here are the top things that you should weigh when looking for the best site builder:

Pixel-Level Design Control
If you are a new designer, you would already be overwhelmed with templates that offer only basic customization. These types of templates usually just swap the original template and change the colors or backgrounds and fonts. However, most website owners think about being unique so they can stand out from millions of website to make their site easier to find. Turning your website on how you envisioned it can be difficult but possible. All you need is a website builder that allows you to make some tweaks and modify your site without any restrictions. Look for site builders that allow you to add whatever background that you like, has lots of font style that you could choose from, apply shadow drops, rounded corners, gradients and borders, and has features of changing the margin in a different part of your site as well as changing the spacing, and more.

Visual Editing User Interface
It’s important, especially for starters to see the improvements to the design that they are making as they go. Most site builders do not offer this feature so always for the one who lets you see the changes as you edit your website design. You have to see the changes come to life and there are website builders that can give you this feature while you are in an editing mode without having to click back on preview buttons. This will make editing easier for you as you can see immediately if you are doing the right thing or not or if the tweaks you have recently made looks good on your website or not.